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You can get help with your pregnancy
Abortion isn't necessary ... here's how

No child is a mistake. Please, don’t let others talk you in to having a life-ending abortion. Your baby matters in this world, and so do you! Abortion hurts everyone involved. It’s a bad decision that most women live to regret their whole lives. Missed birthdays, memories, and grandchildren that can never be brought back. Abortion is so final. If you place your baby for adoption, you could have an opportunity in the future to know them if you choose to.

Let us help you sort through the many confusing questions and decisions that must be made during an unplanned pregnancy …

worried friends teen pregnant
Worried What Friends & Family Will Think?
pregnant couple fighting
Worried About How The Father Will React?
Are You Worried About Money?

Do you just need to talk?

Sometimes it helps to be able to talk to a stranger that has been where you are now.
If you'd like that, give our Hope Line a call by clicking the button below or dialing (800) 238-4269
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