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Are you pregnant and considering adoption for your baby?
Adopt Genix can help answer the many scary questions of an unplanned pregnancy!

  • All Conversations & Services Are Strictly Confidential. Recieve Referrals To Free Adoption Counseling When You Call
  • Open, Closed, Semi-Open, & Semi-Closed Adoptions
  • Housing & Financial Assistance
  • Absolutely No Cost & No Pressure For Birth Mothers
  • 24/7 Personal Support!

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Adopt Genix is a licensed non-profit adoption agency. As a result, the adoption program offered for birth mothers at our Carrollton facility is here to help! Babies adopted through the agency are done with many options open to the birth mother.

Our Carrollton, TX adoption agencies are among the best adoption agencies in the state. With Adopt Genix, placing your baby for local adoption, interstate adoption is easy and safe. We walk you through every step of the process at no cost to you, and we’re here to give you complete support and answer any questions you have!

Pregnant? Adoption Services We Provide

When placing a child for adoption, our adoption agencies in Texas give you many options. The types of adoption to choose from include:

  • Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Semi-Closed Adoption

Faith-based adoption agencies are able to help vulnerable mothers whether you’re pregnant or just gave birth. When pregnant, working with faith-based adoption agencies eliminates stress for those interested in adoption. We’re a statewide agency name and among the top rated adoption agencies in Texas! With us you can count on support, confidentiality, housing & financial assistance, counseling, and no cost or pressure.

Allowing adoption agencies like ours to help you through your pregnancy gives you access to real support. You can even speak with others who, at one time, were also considering adoption! Many options are available for adoption when pregnant. If you’re looking for someone specializing in international adoption, we can help. In short-your search for the right agency is over.

Birth parents of children served by the agency have access to a door that’s always open should they need help. We’ll never pressure you to place your baby for adoption, either. For more, call us at (866) 906-1823 and request a manual of requirements for adoption agencies.

Adoption Agencies In TX

The amount of birth mother’s wanting to place children through agencies never matches those wanting to adopt. Adoption is a choice you have to make, but it’s truly an amazing option! Our agency’s policy is to be the “middle man” involved in the adoption.

This means we screen all families wanting to adopt. The results are received by the agency, and adoption is an option only for families who will provide a safe and loving home. Your search through adoption agencies Carrollton TX can safely end here.

Based on the agencies’ religious beliefs, you don’t have to look for an agency who has specific criteria in the birth mother. An adoption professional is used by the agency and is given an agency’s certificate all to ensure you and your child are given the proper care!

We make sure adoption families understand the consents to the adoption are not taken lightly. As a top agency in the state, we pride ourselves on ensuring all children going through adoption and foster care by our adoption services will be taken care of and loved as they should be. We take domestic adoption very serious.

Our adoption agencies in TX have found adoption was the way to bless the lives of the birth parents, child, and adopting family. Choosing an adoption agency in Carrollton, Texas like Adopt Genix is an amazing choice for birth parents who want to ensure their child goes to the best family.

Pregnant & Considering Adoption? Call Adopt Genix at (866) 906-1823 to Request a Free Pregnancy Packet & to Have Your Adoption Questions Answered.

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